The Travel Technology Association, or Travel Tech, is the association for online travel companies (OTCs) and global distribution systems (GDSs), and is dedicated to connecting consumers and travel providers, eliminating barriers to travel, and protecting consumers.

Ancillary Fees

Ancillary Fees

Consumers should have the ability to quickly and easily compare the “all-in” costs of airfares across air carriers, including the cost of ancillary fees such as baggage and seat reservation fees.

Travel Tech supports full disclosure and transactability of airline ancillary fees applicable to air travel, particularly seat and baggage fees.  As airlines disaggregate, or “unbundle,” their fares, consumers need to have immediate, easy and understandable access to all of the new fees. 

Airlines should make these fees promptly available to the public through travel distributors, in a way that is fully purchasable, i.e. “transactable,” presented in a constantly updated fashion, or “dynamically,” and enable consumers to comparison shop prices on an all-in, apples-to-apples basis.

Consumers should be able to see it, compare it and buy it.