The Travel Technology Association, or Travel Tech, is the association for online travel companies (OTCs) and global distribution systems (GDSs), and is dedicated to connecting consumers and travel providers, eliminating barriers to travel, and protecting consumers.

About Us

Travel Tech members connect consumers with travel suppliers, such as airlines, hotels, rental cars, cruises and others. Travel Tech’s members consolidate travel options from different travel providers, giving consumers and travel agents, both online and brick-and-mortar, the ability to efficiently research travel destinations and compare and purchase travel services.  Travel Tech members also help travel sellers promote their services and destinations making consumers aware of their services and helping fill otherwise unoccupied airline seats and hotel rooms. 

Formed in 1999 and formerly known as the Interactive Travel Services Association (ITSA), Travel Tech’s industry has grown to become the premier travel distribution source for travelers and suppliers.

Three out of five U.S. internet users will research travel online in 2012, and more than half of all U.S. internet users will actually book travel online.

Travel Tech’s members also provide corporate travel buyers and travel providers with an efficient, advanced, innovative travel distribution system that provides instantaneous access to comprehensive travel services around the globe.

Travel Tech members are also technology companies powering many airline and hotel distribution and reservations channels.

Travel Tech members operate in more than 120 countries and have partnerships with more than 750 airlines and 500,000 hotels worldwide.

More than 50% of all travel in the U.S. is purchased online, and by the end 2012, travelers will book some one third of the world’s travel sales online, to surpass $313 billion dollars by 2012.

Travel Tech as an eBusiness Leader

Online travel was one of the first large-scale, commercial users of the internet, and the sector now represents more than one-third of all consumer spending online.

Travel Tech members pioneered travel search, giving consumers unprecedented access to information about travel destinations around the world.

Travel Tech members work with travel destinations, airlines, hotels, federal, state and local governments, and others to provide consumers with access to more information than has ever been available before.  Further, the online travel companies pioneered the concept of consumer reviews, so that consumers can find out information from other visitors, giving them a real sense of travel destinations.

Travel Tech members Play a Key Role in U.S. Travel Promotion

Travel Tech members are significant promoters of U.S.-bound travel, helping to provide awareness of travel destinations and assisting in selling prospective visitors on destinations before they even decide where they want to go.